Selenium with IE? Disable Native Events

The problem: super slow typing and broken clicking

downloaded automatically by the Bonigarcia Driver Manager (via Selenide) to .m2\repository\webdriver\IEDriverServer\x64\3.141\Selenide 5.1.0

The solution: Disabling Native Events. Internet Explorer’s WebDriver tries using OS native events to drive the browser. And this does not work on 64bit machines. In order to run Selenium on IE you need to disable those native events and effectively make IE use JS to run the browser. Here’s how to achieve this in Java+Selenide:

= "ie";

(Configuration.browser.toLowerCase().equals("ie")) {
    DesiredCapabilities capabilities = DesiredCapabilities.internetExplorer()
capabilities.setCapability(InternetExplorerDriver.NATIVE_EVENTS, false);
Configuration.browserCapabilities = capabilities;


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