Watir .set vs .send_keys

Selenium allows for two ways of entering text into text fields: character by character (as if typing) or all characters at once (imitating CTRL+V).

The following snippet of Ruby code shows how it’s done in Ruby using the Watir wrapper framework for Selenium.

@browser = Watir::Browser.new :firefox

@browser.goto "http://demo.redmine.org/"

@browser.text_field(id: "username").send_keys "my_login" #typing
@browser.text_field(id: "password").put "my_login" #pasting

In Java, the same could be accomplished using the fastSetValue switch in Selenide. (However in Selenide there is only one method for putting text into text fields, the .setValue() method.)

Configuration.browser = "firefox";

Configuration.fastSetValue = false;
$("#username").setValue("my_login"); // typing

Configuration.fastSetValue = true;
$("#username").setValue("my_login"); // pasting

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